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What is the cheapest overall eyeshadow brush I can find?

I would like something that is pretty good quality, but still cheap. I just need one brush that can apply eyeshadow well. I don't want to buy multiple brushes, so one that can do it all.

Also, if you know of any cheap eye primers that work well, let me know.What is the cheapest overall eyeshadow brush I can find?
For the brushes, you can get one at Sally Beauty Supply or

and for the eye primer, you can get it at target or walmart

l'oriel de-crease eyeshadow base.What is the cheapest overall eyeshadow brush I can find?
NYX is pretty good for cheap makeup. Their eyeshadows have been compared to MAC's. I've used them before and the pigments are pretty good and true to the color in the container. I think they sell for .99 and up. You should really try it.
use this link its really cheap and good quality u can read the reviews鈥?/a>
Go to Sally Beauty. My most all purpose and cheap but still good brushes came from there.

How do I stop my eyeshadow from creasing?

How do I stop my eyeshadow from creasing? Any product suggestions?How do I stop my eyeshadow from creasing?
Lots of times the reason that eyeshadow creases can be traced back to one of two reasons: poor application and using too much shadow.

When you're applying eyeshadow, it's always good to relax your eyes. This means that pulling your eyelid taught is a no-no! Use an eyeshadow brush instead of the sponge applicator that comes with many eyeshadows. The sponge app tends to collect and hold onto too much shadow. A brush allows a lighter and less heavy-handed application. Also, if you're applying more than one color, you want to apply the lighter color to the ENTIRE lid, not just the area you want it on. It, in itself will will kind of act like the primer that you put on before you paint a wall. Then apply the darker color. However, make sure that you tap the brush before applying the eyeshadow. This will ensure that you don't apply too much at once and end up with that ';stage makeup'; look.

Also, if your face is oily, try investing in oil blotting papers such as Mary Kay Beauty Blotting Tissues to stay ahead of the oil on your face. Just blot and go!

Now, I generally recommend using a foundation such as a powder, liquid or creme on the entire face. It gives the the shadow and blush something to adhere to and provides a ';finished'; look to your makeup. If you don't wear foundation, the tip above will still work. Just make sure that you wash, tone and moisturize your face before applying makeup. Check out Mary Kay's website for additional tips on applying eye makeup based on your eye shape.How do I stop my eyeshadow from creasing?
wear a high quality product like benfit, dior, chanel, or mac you can find all of these brands in macys. these are high quality so they are really good and will not crease..
You really dont have to use an eyeshadow base. It would be best to use your foundation, but in order for it to not smear with the foundation you will have to use a facial cleanser that will kindadryout, but not dryout your pores completely. Before I apply foudnation to my face, i cleanse my face will dial. its an antibacterial soap bar, but it does work. it kinda dries your face more than expected, so before I apply my foundation I use a cream, such as a tad bit of lotion or Corozone 10 (just in case you are allergic to anything you put on before and after it). I apply foundation toward the inner area of the lid... not too much... on to the outer area of the lid. When I apply the eyeshadow. I apply it thicker toward the lashes. Try applying your eyeshadow until you reach the crease of you eye. It helps alot... doesn't show when a crease has been made.
Before you put on the eyeshadow apply some foundation and a little powder. It will keep the eyeshadow from creasing. Hope this helps!
some makeup brands sell eyeshadow base, but i have not used it. i sometimes brush a little loose power on the lid before putting shadow on. that is supposed to help prevent creasing. styli style brand is supposed to be crease proof, but i haven't tried it yet. in addition to powder, i usually just end up running the finger over my lid every couple hours in attempt to blur any crease that may be forming.
Wear an eyeshadow base.
check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * Eyeshadow - Makeup Tips鈥?/a>
Luv MAC makeup but best eyeshadow I ever had was Princess Marcella Borgehessa (Not sure of the spelling). High end departmebt stores carry it.
Don't waste money on an eyeshadow base...

Just apply foundation to your eyelids. It creates a surface for the eyeshadow to adhere to, the same as an eyeshadow base, but without the cost.

What is a good crease eyeshadow color to use with silver lid color?

i normally use the 3 color eyeshadow with base crease and highlight but i use browns and naturals...i want to use silver as my lid color now but im not sure what i should use as the crease and brow bone color that will compliment the silver?What is a good crease eyeshadow color to use with silver lid color?
blackWhat is a good crease eyeshadow color to use with silver lid color?
certainly clack as anyone would have guessed for crease and silverish pearl for browbone

if you want something artistic i would say any sort of bold color for crease would look great.. and pearl on brow bone and a dot in the inner corner of your eyes would look amazing, match it with you're jewellery

fo sho

i use this whitish shimmery kind on my lid then black for the crease

it kinda blends a little so sometimes it will look like a silver

it looks good.
i think a dark purple or teal would look good. it give the eye a good balance and some color.
graphite grey or black. use a very very light shimmery pink on the brow bone for an instant eye lift.
Try Gunmetal grey.
black and silver are cute together
Dark grey or black.
a darker grey or darker purple would be cool.
a bluee, or dark gray would look good
black will cuz i am doing the same thing so yeah black
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  • How can I make my eyeshadow come out bright and vivid?

    I've tried everything....MAC paints underneath, MAC mixing medium, Visine, white eye pencil on lid, Urban Decay Potion Primer, etc. Nothing gives me that true to life color like I see some other girls get. Is there anything else I haven't thought of?How can I make my eyeshadow come out bright and vivid?
    I'm surprised that the primers you've tried haven't worked for you. But, there are different primers and of course, some might not be as good as others.

    I use a primer called ';Spackle'; by Laura Geller. It's actually a 3-way primer kit, with basic spackle, lip spackle and *eye spackle*. It's truly an awesome product and I'm never without it... It's the first product I've ever found that truly maintains-- actually locks in-- your blusher, lip and eye shadow colors. And... the price is reasonable for a 3 product item.

    Here's the link to鈥?/a>

    Lastly, you might try some of the new ';wet/dry'; shadows that are really hot right now. Applying the shadow -wet- really lays down a good color base. It's the only shadow I use now.

    Also, keep in mind that when makeup colors fade or don't remain ';true';, it's usually more an issue of our *skin* than a product deficiency. Basically, it's just being absorbed into our pores. Be sure to keep your skin super clean, and go easy on the moisturizer before you apply your makeup! Keep a pack of rice blotting papers (you can find them in the drugstore) in your make up bag for quick touch-ups during the day. That's sure to help.

    Hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!How can I make my eyeshadow come out bright and vivid?
    You may be using colors that don't go well with your skin tone. Try wetting your eye shadow brush and smoothing on your eyeshadow wet. After it dries, blend. This will give you a stronger thicker coat of shadow and may help with the faded coloring.
    okay trust me this will work!!!!! its not expensive and its so easy... i had the same problem as yours....... i had bought a cheap foundation that was too white on me so i decided to use it on my eyelids to make my shadow POP and thats exactly what it did!... so anywho it started running out and i couldnt find that foundation anymore so i decided to buy a new one from a drug store its from Loreal DE-CREASE Eyeshadow Base unfortunatly it wasnt what i hoped it would be it dryed out on my lids and made them look wrinkley.. i did not want to have it go to waste so i experimented with it and finally got the look i was hoping for... b4 you put the shadow base on apply a small amount of NIVEA creme on your lid after that use the wand from your base and use one layer ..not to much .. after that apply your shadow then blend your shadow...make sure u apply the nivea and base on one eye, apply the shadow, and then to the other eye
    if you get good quality makeup, like chanel or dior, the pigments are truer, so they show up better. or you could just put more on
    Benefit has a nice eyeshadow primer.

    Keep using visine (it does help make eyes look whiter)

    Try Almay eyeshadow. It doesn't crease, doesn't fade, doesn't irritate. It has a bunch of bold and suttle colors too! Go to and take a look!

    Also, I heard blushes can be used for eyeshadow too, so maybe if you get a good blush that won't fade it willl work on your eyes too!

    Maybe if eyeshadow doesn't work for you, my friend (who has a similar problem to this) uses smudgable eyeliners and blends that over her eyes. Careful though not only is it realllly dramatic, but unless you are used to liner pencils it could tug on your lids.

    What age do you think kids can start wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow?

    i am buying a xmas presant for my niece and she i really into fashion and makeup and i was wonder if she is to old to wear eyeliner and shadow? (she is 11)What age do you think kids can start wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow?
    13 is preferable. but use of eyeliner and shadow in small amount doesn't harm the skin as children get won recovery very easily.

    bt advice her not to use them always.What age do you think kids can start wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow?
    I would ask her mum first. I wouldn't buy her eyeliner, but maybe a pale eye shadow, a pale lip gloss, a nail varnish and some blush, but it depends on how she dresses, her skin tone, her hair colour and eye colour. if she has pale skin, fair hair and blue or grey eyes, then i would recommend pale pinks and peaches for blush and lips. If she has pale skin, dark hair and blue or green eyes, then light purples and grays would suit her. If she has dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes then olive greens will suit her (but make sure she knows that less is more!). Or if none of these help, then buy her a book called the beauty bible-its is a fantastic book and has helped me a lot with skin care and beauty. I hope I helped and that your niece likes her present.
    Honestly, that is a bit too young:

    Most will agree between 13-15 yrs old is most appropriate to start wearing a LITTLE makeup. Personally, I didn't start wearing eyeliner/shadow til I was almost 16 years old.

    Nowadays, girls are being told to grow up faster by the media %26amp; their peers. Thats too bad though, because it sexualizes them in a way %26amp; makes them appear older, %26amp; way too soon.

    If they start at 11, they will fell more self-consience %26amp; grow up too soon!! Let her enjoy being a kid, childhood goes by so quickly. :]

    My adive for gift ideas would be a gift card to her fav store, or something else you know she'd like. Best of luck %26amp; Happy Holidays.
    Eyeliner, no. Im 13 and only started wearing it for shopping, going to a friends house etc a few months ago! I wore it on special occasions about a year ago though :)

    Eyeshadow, of course! I wore it when I was 9! Maybe mascara instead of eyeliner? Or an eyecurler. If shes wanting an eyeliner look, get the new Bourjois liner effect. Its really good and I have it ^^
    I was allowed to wear makeup when I was 11.

    I wish my mother had stopped me.

    I think mascara and blush, and maybe a glittery/shimmery pale shadow should be enough for someone in Middle School. Don't give her anything that she could possible overdo, or that would give her mother a heart attack.
    ok if you buy an 11yr old make up teach her how to put it on and when to much is to much things like that, personally i dont think 11yr olds should be wearing make up but if its something you want to get her than do it but teach her how to put it on so she looks pretty and not trashy, itll give her confidence and self esteeme !

    good luck
    its always a good rule of thumb to check with her parents first to avoid her opening up the gift getting all excited then getting it taken away by her mother later. i cant tell you how many times that's happened to me years back! so if her mom says no then Look into buying her hair care products or a gift card to icing or Clair's.
    Yeah, i think its a little young, i think i was about 7th grade tho. Also though its really not too young, because its not like its mascara and foundation. haha its just a little shadow and liner, so as long as it's ok w/ her mom and she doesn't wear A TON then i think it'll b a great gift
    woah! 11 is too young, the youngest would at least be 13. and you may want to teach her how to apply it correctly, not too much or people will get ';the wrong idea'; and i'm sure that you know what i mean by that. That ';wrong idea'; will especially apply if you get her into makeup too young.
    Yeah, I think 11 or 12 is a decent age, as long as she knows how to put the eyeliner on ok and not look like a raccoon.

    I agree with mizzgiina too, I always liked glittery nail polish and fruity chapstick or lipgloss (lipsmackers) when I was that age.
    I think 11 or 12 is fine if you only wear a very little. I think 14 or 15 is a good age to start wearing the works with eye liner, mascara and eye shadow. I'm 16 and didn't start wearing make up until I was 14. Maybe you should ask her parents first and see if it's ok.
    my female cousins, and one of my younger male cousins that they tended to always use as a guinea pig started with clown like amounts of makeup and glitter at age 9 , age 9 and 12 respectively.

    they had a lot of fun, and it was really funny to watch.
    I think many girls that age do wear makeup, but I'm not sure they should! You should definitely ask her mom before you buy it for her. For an 11-year-old some fruity lip gloss or nail polish might be more appropriate than eyeliner and eyeshadow, or maybe some fancy bath products.
    thats is pretty young. I would call her mom and check with her first. But i would say when she is 13 eyeliner would be appropriate. eyeshadow probably can be given at the age of 11, but no majorly strong or colorful or expensive makeup would be appropriate. :)
    She is too young for makeup she is still a child,If you want to get her lip gloss fine but not eye or face makeup.not till 13 and then only mascarra and eye shadow if taught how to do it.
    I think it depends on the parents, although my personal opinion is 15, but kids today are growing up so fast.. I would suggest asking her mom or dad if she's allowed to wear make-up before you buy anything she's not allowed to use
    she is kind of young.

    you should check with her parents.

    or you could get her makeup to play with.

    i had that when i was younger i would give my friends makeovers.

    hahah. i bet that she would like that.
    she is waaaay too young to wear that! at 13 girls should start wearing light makeup like lip gloss, coverup and maybe mascara but eyeliner shouldnt be worn until 14 or 15. ur niece would look like a trashy little tart with eyeliner on. dont get it.
    I Think That This Is Definatly Old Enough, Most Children Start Wearing Makeup When They Start Secondary School So This Is Around This Age, Hope This Helps x
    11? wow. Kids wear make up at a very young age. When I was in high school, I didn't start wearing make up until i was 14 and when i was 14 i only wore it occasionally.
    You should ask here mom before you get her makeup.

    I am 14 and I am only allowed to wear mascara and lipgloss!

    You can always get her lipgloss, it is the best way to go :)
    i say they need to be at least 13. but of course my stepdaughters (11 year old) mother thinks different. it looks trashy on her and i hate it. my husband and i fight about it all the time
    That's about the age that they start(probably a little older) but it really depends on their maturity level. I would recommend waiting another year or two personally.
    Check with mom, but community standards are different from place to place.

    Mine was allowed to wear it at 11 but actually wears LESS now at 13 and applies it better, too.

    Practice makes perfect?
    Well i started wearing makeup when i was 12.

    But eyeshadow is pretty much an all ages thing.

    Eyeliner is a little more like 12 yrs old.
    I think eighth grade or ninth grade is when kids should start. If you start to early, everyone will start so they don't feel left out, and the age will just keep getting younger.
    eyeshadow yes

    kids start wearin eyeliner too young and then cant leave the house without it forever

    its crazy

    im 16 i think 11 is too young even tho i wore make up at that age!

    i think 13!
    I would ask her mother first since they are the ones that would let her or not. I think that 11 is way too young. I think around 14 years old and older is much better.
    she's not too old to wear eyeliner but maybe a little too young. its best to check with the parents. if they are ok with it then ok.
    I don't' think that you should buy her eyeliner and other makeup, buy her belts or bracelets. Waring makeup will effect her skin!
    14 is average. 11 is to young in our eyes but for kids these days who knows, just ask the mom if its ok.

    How do I blend and create a smokey eye with my eyeshadow?

    I have lots of eyeshadow but I don't know what to do with them. How would I create the smokey eye? How do I blend different colors?I need some pointers,tricks and secrets.How do I blend and create a smokey eye with my eyeshadow?
    You can try this link: on how to apply eyeshadow.How do I blend and create a smokey eye with my eyeshadow?鈥?/a>

    its a great site
    Hi! To create a smoky effect, first use either eye liner (liquid or pencil) and then use the eye shadow, a shade lighter than the liner color and smudge the lines made by the liner.... it will create a smoky effect. You can also use a lighter color shadows to create highlights on the eyelids... these days its hot to use pearly shine light colored shadows on the lids. it gives dramatic effect when you blink eyes... you can also use darker shades on inner and outer corners of eyelids and a lighter pearly shade in the centre to create the shine and highlight the centre (can also use the lighter shade on the top of the dark one in centre). it really looks good... try them at home first... after 3-4 times, you will get better with it... all the best!!!
    Ditch the eyeshadow for a smokey eye look -- you need eyeliner.

    Buy a dark brown, smudgey eyeliner that will blend at the touch...apply a thick line to your upper lid, on and over your eyelashes, bringing the outer edge into a half-cat's-eye (a small triangle at the outer corner).

    Do the bottom ON the lash line, not under it. Apply thickly here too, and meet the triangle at the outer edge.

    Use your middle finger, and smudge the liner on your TOP eyelid back and forth - don't worry about being too even here, or you'll end up with it looking odd and too symetrical. For your BOTTOM lid, use your still-clean index (first) finger, and smudge from the inside corner to the out, as many times as it takes.

    Starting here, you'll have a smokey base for your shadows, which you can then apply as you normally would. This will give you the smokey eye you want.
    Smoke Cigars.
    Eyeshadow looks hot when you create the right contours. Try lining your upper eye with an eyeshadow brush - brown is always a good colour. direct alot of colour to the outer eyelid, it creates depth, and makes your eyes look bigger. using the other side of the brush, brush the shadow upwards and out.
    First, practice with colored pencils on a piece of paper. practice shading the colors together. then take your eye shadows and practice on your hand. once you've got it down, practice on your eyes when you don't have a place to go.
    A smokey eye is created by blending your midtone crease color with your final accent color.

    1. If medium or fair skin - apply a light base color from the brow bone down to the eye lash. A crystalline or white sand - even spun silk - anything in that family.

    2. Midtone color - all color is applied from the OUTSIDE corner of the eye - in toward the nose. The most color goes on the outside, and less as you go in toward the nose. This creates a gradiant effect. Darker to lighter. Sweep the color - a mid color - into the crease of the eye and along the lashline. This will create an arrow effect on the eye %26gt; .

    3. Blend from the crease down and go slightly above the crease...creating a smooth look.

    4. Add your final accent color. This is a dark color - black, brown, green. Apply a dot in the outside corner of the eye - then take your blending brush and sweep in toward the nose. This will create a smokey eye.

    You may visit my website and click on eyes to learn more make-up application tips.

    Hope this helped! Let me know how you do! It takes a little practice, but it's fun learning!
    Visit a beauty parlour. Ha Ha Ha I Tks for the question I got 2 points

    How do I close my other eye so I can apply eyeshadow and eyeliner easier?

    Its like i can only wink with one eye, and when i try to do it with the other both my eyes close and its impossible! How do I close my left eye without closing my right aswell, so i can apply eyeshadow and eyeliner?How do I close my other eye so I can apply eyeshadow and eyeliner easier?
    Close one eye. Use your hand to hold it down. It will get messy at first, but it does take practice. You'll be a pro in a few tries =]How do I close my other eye so I can apply eyeshadow and eyeliner easier?
    It takes practice..
    Use duct tape.
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